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The services offered by SlowCow Media include more than web design, logo design, and branding. Instead, we focus on conveying each brand's unique essence through every visual representation, creating a concise and powerful message to consumers. Presenting who you are, what you do, and how you do it effectively and in a simple way can prove challenging. SlowCow Media communicates with consumers through digital and print channels relaying the core of the brand. Do not be fooled. SlowCow Media's name may sound gimmicky and playful, but at the heart of this firm are professionalism, consistency, and a highly tailored approach to design.



YUKA-DoTellPR-SlowCowMedia-Brochure-PricingList-FINAL-pg.15MAKE A STATEMENT ON THE WEB

WEB-STARTUP |  $1,050 – $1,400
Simple Informational or E-Commerce Website
Up to 25 Products | Up to 5 Pages on Site | Up to 3 Rounds of Edits

WEB-INTERMEDIATE |  $1,400 – $2,800
Informational or E-Commerce Website:
Requires customization, editing, additional pages or products
From 25 – 100 Products | Up to 10 Pages on Site | Up to 5 Rounds of Edits

WEB-ADVANCED |  $2,800 – $4,200
Informational or E-Commerce Website:
Requires advanced customization or coding, heavy editing, high number of pages or products
More than 100 Products | More than 10 Pages | More than 5 Rounds of Edits


Domain: Starting as low as $1.00. We will assist in choosing and purchasing the best available domain. We can attempt to contact owners of unavailable domains as well to purchase that "perfect" URL when necessary. All domains will be purchased with the client's credit card on file for the term accepted by the client (typically 2 years).
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.28.30 PMHosting: Starting at apprx $100/year. In order to publish a website online, Web hosting is required. The Web host stores the pages of the website and makes them available online. We will recommend the best hosting for each site depending on speed necessary for that site. All hosting will be purchased with the client's credit card on file for the term accepted by the client (can be paid yearly or monthly).
Stock Photography: Starting at apprx $12/image. Any stock photograhy to be purchased for the website is an additional expense to be paid by the client. All stock photography will be purchased with the client's credit card on file for the for the images accepted by the client.
Custom Coding & Programming: Price to be determined in advance. Any additional customization and programming that requires hiring a programmer is to be paid by the client.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.28.58 PMALL WEB PLANS |  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Training: Clients will be trained upon site finalization to manage back end on their own. Sites are user-friendly and geared towards a seamless transition for customers.
Return Policy, Shipping, Privacy Policy: All to be determined by client and provided to SlowCow Media | YUKA for implementation on the site.
Additional Design Services: Available upon request and to-be-negotiated separately.  (Includes logo design, branding, etc.)